Campus Hero

Welcome To Our Community

Although we cannot welcome most of you to our physical campus locations during COVID-19, we can still show you why LBCC is a vibrant hub for growth, learning, and development! As a Roadrunner, the experiences you’ll have – and especially those you actively seek – can lead to a fulfilling, diverse, and inclusive college experience.

Calendar Asset

Join the Tour of the Term: A Chronological Experience

Zoom Room Open September 23rd at 10AM – 2PM

Your tour guide for this event will be a current LB student. They'll give you a "tour" of what to expect for your fall term. Wondering what it's like to learn in a virtual environment? Where you can go for help? Who you can contact for what you need? Get the low-down on what it's really like to be a student at LBCC - especially in this new environment amidst the worldwide pandemic. Learn some student hacks and pro-tips, and ask questions that you want answered honestly by another student.

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Learn the LBCC Lingo

We're great at coming up with lingo that doesn't make any sense to anyone outside of the college. Give us a gold star! But really, read on to learn some of the common terms we use that you may not have encountered in the past ... or, if you have, how the terms might mean something different at LB. Sometimes a new situation requires a translator for all of the jargon. This, new Roadrunner, is your translator.

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Gaming Hangout

September 23rd at 12 – 6PM

Come play games, commiserate with each other about the crazy seven months we've been in, but also a place to get pumped about the coming term! This event is open to students, staff, and faculty but also your friends, family, pets, or the fly on the wall ... ALL will be welcomed. Play along or just hang out and chat. It’s a virtual hang out for everyone at LBCC this Welcome Day.

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Student Chill & Chat

Zoom Room Open September 23rd at 11AM – 12PM

Come and hang out with LBCC Student Ambassadors. Find out about their college experiences, what they wish they had known before they started, and what it’s like to learn online. If you have questions, this is a place to get answers from other students.