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We’re excited to show you why LBCC is a vibrant hub for growth, learning, and development! As a Roadrunner, the experiences you’ll have – and especially those you actively seek – can lead to a fulfilling, diverse, and inclusive college experience.

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Participate in our scavenger hunt and you could win free tuition! Explore the campus, and prepare for the start of your new adventure. These activities were chosen to help you prepare for a fantastic Linn-Benton journey. Complete just 10 of the 12 activities (including all of the mandatory stops) and you will be entered into a drawing to win free tuition credits!

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There are many ways that LBCC supports you, its students. From ensuring your safety to providing accommodations for learning, we’ve got your back! Learn more about these resources for Roadrunners:

Learn the LBCC Lingo

We're great at coming up with lingo that doesn't make any sense to anyone outside of the college. Give us a gold star! But really, read on to learn some of the common terms we use that you may not have encountered in the past ... or, if you have, how the terms might mean something different at LB. Sometimes a new situation requires a translator for all of the jargon. This, new Roadrunner, is your translator.

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Lingo Asset

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Need a guide while you explore? A little hep for the scavenger hunt? Check out our interactive campus maps to learn what’s in each building. If you have classes in Lebanon, Sweet Home, or Corvallis there are maps for you, too!

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